Aging Healthy 2

Aging healthy 2

This is continued from Aging Healthy.

Many people have followed the protocols in the Infinite Nourishing Moxibustion(?????) for their maintenance or treatment of diseases.  They all agree that the protocols benefit their constitutions and replenish their energy.  

Even in the classical books, acupuncture points, such as ST36, RN4, RN6 and RN12, are important points for good healing that cannot be left out in any clinic settings.  The protocols use representative points in limbs and torso.  There is ST36 in the legs, LI11 in the arms, and RN12 in the abdomen.

All these points help people eat well and digest well, thereby making enough source of energy and nutrition, not to mention treating the relevant channel problems.  We do not have to refer to classical books to substantiate it.  If we do not eat, we die, which is a simple fact.  In addition to the points, RN4 and RN6 will build resilience and resistance to diseases.

Whether you are sick or healthy, you may want to try at least ST36, RN4, RN6 and RN12.  If you are a practitioner, it will help you prevent diseases and stay healthy, thereby helping more people while living longer.  You may also want to recommend your patients so that they can become better sooner.  If you are a patient, you may want to ask your acupuncturist to mark the points for you.

Aging well takes only less than $15 per month!  Dr Kim (Gudang) is living proof that regular moxa care helps people age well.  No wonder he can still treat patients and travel around the world at his age of 103 now.  I started my morning with scarring moxa as usual!