Acupuncture Effectively Manages Severe Knee Pain Without Medication or Surgery

67-Year-Old Woman with Swollen Knee Finds Fast Relief with Traditional Korean Saam Acupuncture

We don’t need many acupuncture needles to make treatments effective. Last week, I treated a 67-year-old woman with a swollen and painful right knee. She had seen doctors and gotten X-rays, but everything came back normal. Her pain was so severe that even a slight touch on the area caused extreme pain. Rolling up her pants to examine the knee became unbearable for her. She came to the clinic using a cane and had to miss work for a couple of weeks. There were no reported injuries, and she claimed the pain started a day after some walking.

Knee pain

In traditional Asian medicine, this type of pain is called “white tiger wind,” referencing the intensity of the pain, likened to a white tiger bite. Returning two days later without the cane, she reported being able to work again, despite her job requiring her to be on her feet for eight hours daily. Examination showed the swelling in her knee had completely subsided. I used only four needles following the “white tiger wind” protocol in traditional Korean Saam acupuncture.

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