Dark purple complexion 

Darm purple complexion

The face contains all the details of your life as well as your health.  When you compare pictures you took at your different ages, the complexion in each picture will remind you of all the good or bad parts of your life.  We can gather many pieces of information from the face by instinct or experience.  

Huh Im, a Korean doctor in the 1600s, prescribes acupuncture points for dark purple complexion:

LV 2  행간

LV 4  중봉

BL 23  신유

BL 18   간유 

LU 5    척택 

LI 4   합곡 

ST 36   족삼리

Nasal polyps

Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps can grow in the nose, or sinuses.  It interferes with breathing, smelling , and so on. 

Huh Im, a Korean doctor in the 1600s, recommends applying 100 moxa cones at DU 23 상성 for nasal polyps.  According to the conditions, the following acupuncture points can be added:

LI 20  영향 

LI 4  합곡 

DU 22  신회 

HT 7  신문 

BL 13  폐유 

BL 15  심유 

LU 5  척택 

Difficulty smelling

Difficulty smelling

I recently saw a Korean movie.  A man tried hard to smell anything, but in vain. He kept sniffing, hoping to smell anything.  Smell disorder can arise from many causes.  He seemed to smell something long after he became unemployed.  His smell disorder might come from work stress.  

Huh lm, Korean doctor in the 1600s, recommends applying moxibustion at the following acupuncture points for difficulty smelling

DU 22  신회 

BL 10  천주 

DU 26  수구

Treating Burn Injuries with Acupuncture 

Treating burn injuries

Some of you already know about Gudang burn therapy.   Dr Namsoo Kim (Gudang) figured this out and treated many burn injury patients with acupuncture.  No one imagined that acupuncture could treat burn injuries.   One research, Acupuncture accelerates wound healing in burn-injured mice, shows that acupuncture can reduce inflammation and accelerate skin regeneration process in burn injuries.  

The therapy is characterized by quick pain relief, no scars or deformation, and quick healing. 

Here are YouTube videos.  There is an intro in each one you may want to skip. 

Insects crawling over the skin?

Crawling sensation

People sometimes complain that they have the sensation of insects crawling all over their body and itchiness as well.  This is called formication.

Here is a prescription from Huh Im, a Korean doctor in the 1600s, which you might want to try if you have any patients with the complaint.

Apply 7 moxa cones at promineniof the olecranon. (주첨)

Apply acupuncture at LI 11, HT 7, LI 4 and SP 6.  (곡지, 신문, 합곡, 삼음교)