Case study: Treatment of Infertility with Scarring Moxibustion

Case study: Infertility

This is an exerpt from the book, 무극보양뜸 (Infinite Nourishing Moxibustion), written by Dr Namsu Kim.

The case study represents infertility due to Kidney deficiency.  The patient had been married for about two years.  She was diagnosed with infertility by her doctor.  Her husband had weakness in bronchial tube.  The patient presented with infertility, fatty abdomen, lower back pain, cold sensation in the lower abdomen, leucorrhea, cold hands and feet, and irregular and scanty menstruation.  The pulse was deep and slow.  The clinic encouraged the patient to receive treatments with her husband for better results.

  • Prescription for husband:  basic acumoxa protocols + acupuncture (RN22, RN23, DU3, BL12, BL18, BL23)
  • Prescription for the patient:  basic acumoxa protocols + moxa (ST26, RN7) + acupuncture (SP6, SP9, RN14, BL18)

The patient received self moxa care with five cones size of half a rice grain everyday for two months.  She experienced significant improvement in lower back pain, cold sensation under the lower abdomen, leucorrhea, and irregular menstruation.  The patient succeeded in becoming pregnant after four months.

BL60 (곤륜) has its literal meaning as a mountain, which is higher than the flatland.  It is the head that lies the highest in our body.  Though the acupoint is located on the posterolateral aspect of the foot ankle, its stimulation can be as effective as stimulation on the head.

BL40(위중) is among the four command points.  It treats all that is related to lower back.  Both BL60 and BL40 can treat head and lower back together.

SI11(천종) and BL43(고황) can prevent any ailments that may arise after birth.  Any women that do menstruation should be treated with the acupoints.  Any acupoints that contain the letter, Heaven (天), are associated with heart and brain.  BL43 is also associated with heart.  Women do menstruation, and menstruation is blood.  Blood is circulated by blood.  It is called circulation disorder when heart fails to circulate blood.  When there is upper back pain, it is said that it is due to lack of circulation.  It is heart that is in charge of circulation.  Human beings are created with Kidney essence, and they die when it is depleted.  This is why BL23 is used to nourish Kidney Qi.

Liver governs sinews.  Liver also stores blood and takes responsibility for detoxification.  There are no organs in our body that are not concerned with sinews.  The skin and sinews are where we put acupuncture needles.  LV3, yuan source of Liver channel, is used to govern sinews, store blood and do cleaning with detoxification.  LV3 and LI4 are four gates, which we needle as if we were knocking at the door.  LV3 is needled as prevention before putting more needles.  SP6(삼음교) should be needled for women.  Women belong to Yin, and it is the point where three Yin channels meet.  It is an important point to treat women’s diseases.

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