Number of Moxa Cones

How many Moxa Cones to Apply?

This is translation from Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinical Experience Protocols, written by Dr Huh, royal doctor in ancient Korea.

Number of moxa cones to apply

It is not desirable to apply too many moxa cones. The appropriate number of moxa cones ranges from seven cones to forty-nine cones. It must not exceed the age of the person. It is appropriate to burn large moxa cones for the conditions, such as chronic cold disorders under the belly, and abdominal masses and lumps. You can apply five hundred moxa cones on abdomen and back, except for RN14 and RN15. It must not exceed fourteen cones for RN14 and RN15. Applying too many moxa cones of too big size on these points causes the person to lose energy in heart permanently.

Burning too many moxa cones on the head leads to loss of consciousness. Applying too many moxa cones on arms and legs results in depletion of blood, atrophy in the extremities, loss of strength, and loss of consciousness.

Each acupuncture point has difference in its depth. Burning too many moxa cones on shallow acupuncture points leads to damage to sinews. Therefore, the number of moxa cones must not exceed three, five or seven moxa cones. Special attention should be paid.

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