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  • How to treat phlegm Heat

    How to treat phlegm Heat

    Inflammation Here is how to treat phlegm heat. It is said that Phlegm is the cause of all the diseases. There is no part of the body it cannot reach. It arises out of weak function of Spleen to transform and transport what we eat, thereby causing deficiency of Qi and Blood. It is said […]

  • How to treat mental and emotional disorders

    How to treat mental and emotional disorders

    Mental emotional disorders Here is how to treaet mental and emotional disorders using Korean four needle system. It is hard to keep our emotion in balance in this busy life.  We get stressed out and burned out easily.  Here are the protocols from Saam Korean four needle system to treat mental emotional disorders.   A) […]

  • Korea Four Needle 

    Korea Four Needle 

    Saam acupuncture system Saam acupuncture is known as Korea Four Needle in the United States.  The technique is one of the traditional acupuncture techniques in Korea.  Most practitioners in Korea use the technique.  Saam is presumed to be the alternate name of the practitioner who might have lived in the 1600s. I am planning to […]