Treating Burn Injuries with Acupuncture 

Treating burn injuries

Some of you already know about Gudang burn therapy.   Dr Namsoo Kim (Gudang) figured this out and treated many burn injury patients with acupuncture.  No one imagined that acupuncture could treat burn injuries.   One research, Acupuncture accelerates wound healing in burn-injured mice, shows that acupuncture can reduce inflammation and accelerate skin regeneration process in burn injuries.  

The therapy is characterized by quick pain relief, no scars or deformation, and quick healing. 

Here are YouTube videos.  There is an intro in each one you may want to skip. 

What is Moxibustion Good for?

What is Moxibustion Good for?

It is inspiring that more people are aware of moxibustion nowadays.  However, most of them do not know there are two different types, which are direct moxibustion and indirect moxibustion.  I am not going to talk about indirect moxibustion since I specialize in direct scarring moxibustion alone.

Scarring moxibustion has the longer history than even acupuncture and indirect moxibustion, which can be seen in medical books unearthed in Mawangdui tombs in China.  They do not mention even acupuncture, or acupuncture points.

People may ask what scarring moxibustion is good for.  According to Dr Namsoo Kim (Gudang), who is an authority on moxibustion and retired practitioner at his centennial age, scarring moxibustion has its purpose of restoring and enhancing the natural healing power of the body.  The effectiveness will be different depending on the natural healing power of each person.  Some will respond to it fast, while others will do slowly.

Moxibustion works well for all diseases.  However, diseases related to functions respond to moxibustion very well,  but it has some difficulty with diseases of genetic predisposition.  His clinical experiences show that moxibustion works for neurosis, nutrition and metabolism disorders, endocrine disorders, respiratory disorders, tuberculosis, circulatory disorders, digestive disorders, tumors, urinary disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, gynecological disorders, neurological disorders, and so on.

He also stresses that scarring moxibustion is preventive medicine.  You will harvest moxibustion benefits if you apply moxa cones on yourselves on a regular basis.  He is living proof to effectiveness of scarring moxibustion.

Burning hands

Burning hands

When you have burning hot sensation in your hands like they are on fire, it can disturb your sleep, which may lead to lack of energy the next day.  When you google it, there are many people that ask questions about burning hands.  Some websites list up to 22 causes, among which there is brachial plexus injury, cerebrovascular accident, carpal tunnel syndrome, and so so.

If your patient has the complaint, you may want to try the point. Huh Im, a Korean doctor in the 1600s, recommends applying five moxa cones at acupuncture point KI 1 용천.  This is one of the vital points, and classical books say that we should use it sparingly. 

Stabbing chest pain and blue hands

Stabbing chest pain and blue hands

If your patient has stabbing chest pain while the hands become blue, you may want to refer the patient to the ER.  Huh Im, a Korean doctor in the 1600s wrote his prescription in his book.  Apply 7 moxa cones at the below acupuncture points for stabbing chest pain with blue hands. 

PC 5     간사

PC 6      내관

ST 36     족삼리

SJ 6        지구

KI 3        태계

HT 9       소충 

BL 17      격유 


We are all nearing the end of our journey slowly while we live our daily lives.  It suddenly came to my mind how we should leave the planet well with no pain, and with love and gratitude.  

Many people live longer lives, compared with those who lived a hundred years ago. However, it seems that some aging people sustain their lives in bed with endurance of pain and dependency on medications.

We know that many patients seek acupuncture for pain relief since medications do not work. Scarring moxibustion works pretty well as a pain reliever as well, in addition to improvement in sufficient energy to fight back against anything.

If you know of anyone lying in bed, but they cannot afford any treatments, you might want to consider training them about how to apply Moxa cones themselves at home.  We all have the right to live without pain.  Our mission is to help relieve them of pain and regain their health.