Benefits of Direct moxibustion 4

This is continued from Benefits of Direct Moxibustion 3.

4) Regulation of hormone secretion

Hormones are produced in the endocrine system and are important to regulate our body functions.  Moxibustion is effective in secreting adrenal hormones. Moxibustion helps regulate the secretion of hormones, improve health, and increase resistance against diseases.

5) Regulation of nerve function

There are many sensitive areas in the muscles beneath the skin. These can be called reflex points. If we apply moxa cones on the reflex points, it can help regulate the internal organs, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, and so on. When there is any disorder of autonomic nervous systems, in which either sympathetic nervous system or parasympathetic nervous system loses balance, moxibustion can be useful.


6) Relief of muscle fatigue

Moxibustion is known to play a vital role in promoting good blood circulation. Muscles require nutrients and oxygen for proper functions. For relief of muscle fatigue, taking rest may help. However, it is necessary to remove the fatigue waste in the muscles for better blood circulation that will help relieve muscle fatigue. Moxibustion is effective in preventing muscle fatigue as well as relieving muscle fatigue.


7) Regulation of internal organ functions

When there are any disorders in the internal organs, there are responses that are manifested in the back area. Moxibustion has the power to make recovery.


8) Pain relief

The nerves on and around the pain have tension, compared to those with no pain. Moxibustion helps release the tension of the muscle and vessels which improve blood circulation. It also removes the element that causes fatigue and pain. It normalizes numbing or extremely sensitive senses.


9) Improvements of constitution through longterm moxibustion

When you have the good habit of applying moxibustion on yourself for a long period, you will find that your constitution has improved. Moxibustion helps increase weight for lean people and lose weight for overweight people. Moxibustion helps improve emotional states, and it also helps promote good sleep since the disorder of the autonomic nervous systems has improved. Moxibustion helps improve weak constitution, thereby people developing strong resistance against diseases. Moxibustion helps improve menstrual disorders, infertility and erectile dysfunction and so on. Moxibustion is effective in treating paralysis, warts, corns, bumps, etc.



Baby crying

When the baby is crying too much within the first seven days after the birth, it indicates that wind enters heart and spleen. Huh Im recommended applying seven moxa cones on LI4, LV3, HT7, LU7 and RN24.

Throat disorders

Here are the protocols for throat disorders in Korea Four needle.

It would be helpful to use it based on the pattern.

1) Heat in the throat: Stomach damaged

SI5+, ST43-, SJ2-, SJ3-

2) Obstruction in the throat: Kidney damaged

LU8+, BL60-, SJ2-, SJ3-

3) one side pain in the throat: Liver damaged

KI10+, LI1-, SJ2-, SJ3-

4) two side pain in the throat: Heart damaged

LV1+, SJ2-, PC9-, SJ4-

Uterine fibroids or cysts

Here is the moxibustion protocol for uterine fibroids or cysts. It would be helpful to use Gudang basic protocols. You can search in the blog. Depending on the manifestations, you may want to add more points. The below points are “must points”. Please bear in mind that long term treatment is always needed for any better results.

Apply moxa cones on SP6, RN3, ST28, RN7, RN12, ST36, BL32, BL23, DU4.

Also palpate around ST and Spleen meridians as shown in the picture for any tenderness or hardness. Add the point/s.