Accumulated lumps

There are accumulated lumps in the lower abdomen. In addition, there is achy feeling around the lower back and vertebrae, coughing, and difficulty with bowel movement. For the condition, apply moxa cones corresponding to the person’s age at acupuncture point BL23. And apply 7 moxa cones each at acupuncture points BL13, BL25, BL18, and LV3. Joongcheon, Dokeum and LI11 can be used.

* dokeum: on the bottom of the foot, on the second toe, in the middle of the crease between distal phalanx and middle phalanx.

* joongcheon: on the posterior aspect of the wrist, in the depression between LI5 and SJ4. It treats pain in the heart and all qi-stagnant lumps in the abdomen.

(Huh Im)

Translated by Dr Kihyon Sohn, acupuncturist in Tigard and Portland

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