Mental emotional disorders 

It is hard to keep our emotion in balance in this busy life.  We get stressed out and burned out easily.  Here are the protocols from Sah-Ahm Acupuncture.  

A) Heart fire:   + (KI10 음곡, HT3 소해)  – (LV1 대돈, HT9 소충), Dantian 단전

B) Liver fire:   + (KI10 음곡, SP2 대도)  – ( SJ6 지구, BL60 곤륜), RN12 중완

C) Small intestine fire: + (GB41 족임읍, SI3 후계) – (ST36 삼리, ST41 충양), RN12 중완 

+ : tonify

– : reduce

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