Scarring moxibustion on the back

There are two traditional acupuncture point lines on bladder channel on the back.  The inner line can be called the first line, and the outer line can be called the second line.  Du Mai runs on the vertebrae.  Hua Tuo, a famous doctor in ancient China, found therapeutic significance in vertebrae through his clinical experience and created hua tuo jia ji next to the vertebrae.  There is another line (to be called “new line”) halfway between Hua Tuo Jia Ji and the first line of bladder channel.  To sum up, from Du Mai laterally, there lies hua Tuo jia ji, the “new line”, the first line in bladder channel, and the second line in bladder channel.

Dr Kim (Gudang) uses Du Mai and hua tuo jia ji, or Du Mai and the “new line” as a combination frequently.  Even in biomedicine perspective, sympathetic nervous system runs on the thoracic and lumbar regions, and parasympathetic nervous system runs on the cervical vertebrae and sacral vertebrae.   They originate from spines, form large networks, and innervate organs.  Dermatomes also show areas affected by spinal nerves.  If we think in an opposite way, disorders of any organs or any part of the body can be manifested on the areas on and around vertebrae.  If we palpate the back carefully, we should be able to detect something noticeable on the back.  Applying scarring moxibution on the areas will be effective in treating various conditions.



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