Case study 4: Treatment of Infertility with Scarring Moxibustion

Case Study 4: Infertility

This is an exerpt from the book, 무극보양뜸 (Infinite Nourishing Moxibustion), written by Dr Namsu Kim.

The case is concerned about infertility due to damp phlegm.

The patient was a 36 year-old female who had been married for seven years.  She and her husband were not together during the weekdays due to their work locations, and they got together during the weekends.  She was under the birth control during their four years’ marriage.

They made efforts towards pregancy for three years, but in vain.  She complained of mild tenderness around the left side of the lower abdomen, and lower back pain.  She was slightly obese.  She presented with cold hands and feet (worse on the feet than the hands), and leucorrhea.  She had regular and scanty menstruation, and there was no particular premenstrual symptoms.  She had tight sensation in the chest, chronic fatigue, heaviness, and lethargy.  Her extremities tended toward swelling, which became worse during the period.  Her complexion was lacking in lust and looked slightly yellow.  Her tongue had thin greasy coating, and it was swollen with teeth marks on the sides.  Her tongue was deep slippery.

  • Acupuncture prescription:  basic acu protocol + SP6, SP9, BL32, BL20, BL18
  • Moxibustion prescription:  basic moxa protocol + ST26

She did not experience much difference during the first and second week, but she reported that she experienced improvement in chronic fatigue during the third week.  She felt alseep during the treatments, and she said that she felt refreshed after the treatments.  She reported improvement on the cold hands and feet during the fourth week.  She became pregnant with success after three months.

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