How to do moxa on Du20 on your own!

Here is how to stay in shape by applying moxibustion at acupuncture point 百會(Du20).

Du20 moxibustion
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It will help you stay healthy.  The only difficulty lies when you are alone.  However, here is a good solution.  This is subject to having the point marked on your head already.  You can palpate it and mark it with a marking pen on your own.

1.  If possible, please wear your hair short.  If you wear your hair long, please use pins to make the moxa point visible in the mirror.

2.  With an incense positioned between your right index finger and middle finger, please roll a moxa cone which is taller than usual.  This is the way you can make it visible on your head.  Hold the tall moxa cone between your right thumb and index finger.  To make it stand on the point, put a little saliva or water on the nail of your left thumb, and then put the cone on the nail of your left thumb.

3.   Please touch the moxa point with your left index or middle finger.  Once your finger have found the point, please switch it with the moxa cone at the same time.

4.   In the mirror, you will see the cone standing on the head when you lower your head a little.  Then, please light it with the incense.  It will take a few trials in the beginning, but you will get used to it very soon.

5.   As for the next four cones, you can put each of them on the ash.

by Dr Kihyon Sohn, licensed acupuncturist in Tigard and Portland

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